Avira vs Gmail (IMAP 993) used with Thunderbird

Yesterday, I was going to activate Avira Protection Mail but I found out that it does not work with 

As e-mail client I use thunderbird (good product) and I use Gmail with IMAP on the default port 993.

After I have set IMAP Account port 993 in the Avira Protection Mail configure panel.

I have close Thunderbir and restart it.

Good Thunderbird will not catch any e-mail because it has a conflict with Avira or better:

"Emails (from Gmail) are encrypted so Avira can not read them".

After I read the following article (click here), so I turned off  Avira Protection Mail.

A real shame, bad money spent.

It would have been nice to have a plugin inside the thunderbird or .....

How to optimize SSD

If you have a Windows 10 and a SDD (solid-state drive), you can optimize your SDD and you computer will be very fast.

The steps are the following:

How to turn on or turn off the lamp in your Android

To turn on the lamp, repeat

Ok Google, Lumos Maxima 

To turn off the lamp, repeat

Ok Google, Nox 


Through this app you can schedule the deletion of files in specific directories.

Service List

Displays the list of active services on the device.
You also have the ability to block unnecessary services.