Rotate Ringtone

Change the ringtone each time you answer a call

The wireless connection drops unexpectedly

The wireless network adapter may have trouble keeping the connection to a wireless network. The network connection works well, and while you are connected, there is no problem with your connection. However it disconnects automatically. This could be caused by the power management functions for the wireless network card.

Here the solution:

How to follow a Youtube Canal by RSS

1) Go to youtube canal that you want follow.

2) Search in HTML code the string:  channel-external-id 



3) Concatenate the string found with the following:



4) Now you can enter the URL newly generated in any RSS feed reader

On Off Wifi

Swicth on/off the status of your wifi.

Set On if Wifi is Off
Set Off if Wifi is On

Download from Google Play

Your email signature

WiseStamp Thunderbird extension empowers your email signature on each Thunderbird Mozilla Email you send. Easily customize Thunderbird html email signature, Include IM & Social profiles, Automatically share your Blog posts, Quotes, News, Bookmarks and more.

Screen Off

Turns off the screen and lock the device 
without using the physical button.

Download from Google Play

ABAP: How to enable wk1

If your abap progam worked fine (make a wk1 file) and now it not work the solution it is to run the following code: